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Hey Guys! Today I am present at your server with the topic of FMWhatsApp. It is another modified app based on the official version of WhatsApp. The reason to discuss this WhatsApp mod is because of its uniqueness and versatility in its features that you can not find in the original app.

It is very important to understand anything before using it. That’s why if you do not know about FMWhatsApp then it is good to know about it. By reading this complete article you will learn so many things related to this app.

So keep going on and engaged with us till the end of this article to get the complete details of FMWhatsApp. You will also find the download button on this page to download this app.


FMWhatsApp is a modded application that is totally inspired by the official WhatsApp. It has all the features that are available in the official app but also you will find many other features that will make your day.

This is a simple application that users love because of all the features provided in this app. It allows users to customize more aspects of WhatsApp that’s why it is not surprising that people prefer this mod over the official WhatsApp.

It has been improved, and I can say that it is a better version than the original. This is the version that is the best version of WhatsApp. Developed by Foud Apps (the developer is FoudMakkad), it added many features to the app and offered them to the users.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version

App NameFM Whatsapp
Ratings 4.5
File Size70 MB
Last Update1 Days ago

Why Do We Use FMWhatsApp?

The answer to this question is simple, to use more interesting visual experiences and functionality not included in the original app. We live in a modern world of communication. In general, with the advent of the phone, many messaging applications have entered the market.

People use different apps for communication and chatting with friends, but you can mention WhatsApp as the king of communication. It allows you to have a great privilege with all kinds of messages. But because of human nature, we want more. That’s why developers create apps like WhatsApp.

What is the purpose of FMWhatsApp?

The sole purpose of this mod is to provide maximum features, an easy interface, and extras. This app provides customized freedom, so you can customize the app as per your choice.

For example, if you don’t like the green design of the original app, if you want to see the WhatsApp group link here, you can switch to the custom version. This feature can affect your aesthetic satisfaction.

About FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is a great version that lets you hide the latest feedback, delivery reports, online status, and other interface icons. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of thousands of themes with the many options in the library.

As you already know, FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. This APK comes from the same creator as Fouad WhatsApp, so the feature list is almost identical except for some.

This app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it from any third-party website. But you must be careful and use an anti-virus before downloading the app as third-party websites may contain viruses and malware.


Things like personalization, privacy, security, and innovative measures are always ready to give users a better experience using WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp provides better personal satisfaction. Users can get great features in the app.

The latest version of this app contains new additions and special features which we explain below.

  • Freeze Last Seen: Some users always want to hide their last time in WhatsApp chat. Officially, the original WhatsApp provides you that you can turn off your last view on WhatsApp. However, unlike this, you will not be able to see other people last seen on WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp will allow you to see other users’ last time while others will not be able to see your last time.
  • Hide view status: This is another great feature of FMWhatsapp. Most people prefer MODs because of the advanced features offered for their privacy. With this feature, people who have posted stories about their status will not know that you are viewing their status. You might find this feature of FMWhatsapp important because it allows you to remain completely anonymous without letting your friends know that you are online and read their messages but does not reply to them.
  • Show Blue ticks after Reply: Most of the time we receive messages, and we read them, but for some reason, we are not able to reply to them. What is the solution? With the help of FMWhatsApp, only blue dots will be visible while replying to the sender and not just viewing the message.
  • Emoji Variant: In addition to the emoji included in the keyboard app, you can also choose which emoji version you want to use with FM WhatsApp. You can choose from Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3, Android 0 Emoji, and more. To enjoy this feature, you need to download the latest version of FMWhatsApp from this page.
  • Anti-Delete status: Anti-Delete Status is once again one of the biggest features available on FMWhatsapp. If someone posts a story on the status section and deletes the story after posting, the story will be deleted and no one can see it. But here with the help of FMWhatsapp, you will see even after deleting other people’s stories.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: Like the anti-delete status feature, FMWhatsApp also comes with an anti-delete message feature. If the sender, after sending the message, deletes the message, it will appear to the recipient as ‘This message has been deleted, and thus, they will not know what message the sender has sent. With the help of FMWhatsApp, you will be able to see the deleted messages.
  • Hide delivered and blueTick: This is again an important feature of FMWhatsApp. This feature will prevent other users from seeing Delivery and Blue Tick. You will receive messages, on the other hand, the user will only see the blue tick when they reply to them and not just by looking at the message.
  • Hide recording and typing action text: If you’re chatting with someone and then you turn this feature on, it won’t be visible to the person you’re chatting with whether you’re composing or recording a voice message. For your best privacy, download FMWhatsApp now and enjoy these exciting features.
  • Customization: In FMWhatsapp you will be able to customize many features, such as themes. FMWhatsApp has over 100 themes. New wallpapers are also available. You can change the language and you can also change the font style in FMWhatsapp. You can also upload 7-minute statuses and you will see deleted messages and statuses. And it’s all free. No need to spend a penny, it’s all free.
  • Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages: Whenever we send a message to a friend or a group, there will be a tag that says ‘Forward’. This can be frustrating at times. But, with the help of FMWhatsapp, we can forward any message without telling others that the messages sent to them are forwarded many times before they reach them.

How to download and install FMWhatsApp?

After reading the features, have you made up your mind about FMWhatsApp Download? If yes, then you will need to follow the given steps below:

  1. First, uninstall the official WhatsApp or the old FMWhatsApp APK (if installed).
  2. Now click on the download link to download FMWhatsApp New Version APK.
  3. Save the APK file to your device storage.
  4. Open Android Settings and then Security Settings.
  5. Scroll down and find the Device Management option.
  6. Enable the option that says “Install apps from unknown sources”.
  7. If a popup appears, click OK.
  8. Go to the Downloads folder and click on the FMWhatsApp APK file.
  9. Click Install and wait for the finishing of installation.
  10. Once done, open the app and sign up with your mobile number to use FMWhatsApp on your phone.

How to download FMWhatsApp on your iOS device?

FMWhatsApp can be downloaded on an iOS device by using the TestFlight app by Apple.

  1. First, the user needs to download the TestFlight app from the App Store, and then they need to open it and search for the FMWhatsApp app.
  2. Once they find the app, they can tap on the ‘Get’ option and then click on the ‘Instal’ button.
  3. They will be asked to review the terms and conditions, and upon approval of them, the app will be installed on their iOS device.
  4. The user can then launch the app, and the app will ask for their mobile number.
  5. Once the number has been entered, the user will receive an OTP for verification.
  6. After entering the OTP, the user will be able to access the app and start using it.

System Requirements

  1. You will be required to Android 4.0+
  2. Installs on rooted and non-rooted devices.
  3. Make sure to enable unknown sources.

Advantages and Disadvantages


You can select any theme in the library from a collection of hundreds of themes. You can also share up to ten photos at a time in HD quality.


The biggest issue with this app is privacy. The developer can see the messages sent and received. This event may endanger your security and developers may view it. Another issue you will find in this app is speed. All the functions are slower than the official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install FM WhatsApp?

The installation process for FM WhatsApp is very similar to the installation process for the original app. First, download the APK file for FM WhatsApp from one of the many trusted sources online. Once you have downloaded the file, open it and allow your device to install it like any other app.

Will my contacts be able to see that I am using FM WhatsApp?

No, your contacts will not be able to see that you are using FM WhatsApp unless you tell them yourself. FMWhatsApp uses the same privacy settings as the original app.

Is FM WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes, FM WhatsApp is safe to use. Like the original app, FMWhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your conversations and media stay secure. Additionally, FM WhatsApp is regularly scanned for potential security vulnerabilities in order to keep the app safe.

Can I use my WhatsApp account on FM WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use your WhatsApp account on FM WhatsApp. All you have to do is log in with your WhatsApp account and you will be able to access all of your data, including conversations and media, on FM WhatsApp.

Does FM WhatsApp offer any additional privacy settings?

A: Yes, FM WhatsApp offers additional privacy settings such as the ability to hide the “last seen” status, the ability to hide your profile picture from certain contacts, and the ability to hide your status from certain contacts. Additionally, FM WhatsApp gives you the option to lock certain chats with biometrics or a passcode.


This article was about FMWhatsApp. If you think this is the app that you are looking for then go ahead and try it. As we told you everything about this app, so you can easily download FMWhatsApp and use it. There will be no problem when you download this app on your phone if you follow this guide.

In the end, if you have any questions related to FMWhatsApp, then let me know in the comment section so that I can be able to hear you out.

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