AN WhatsApp v37 Download APK Android (Official) Latest 2024

AN WhatsApp is a popular version of WhatsApp Plus. Since the official version of WhatsApp doesn’t have many features that users want, WhatsApp Plus was made to give users the features they wanted.

Read the whole article if you want to learn more about AN WhatsApp. In addition, you’ll be able to figure out how to get this app onto your phone.

AN WhatsApp APK

When you download AN WhatsApp, you’ll get a modified version of the original WhatsApp. A developer, Ammar, has created 10 different versions of WhatsApp, which is completely unique in the world of WhatsApp Plus. In all versions, you can add extra features, have more control over your privacy, and install more.

It is one of the most downloaded versions of WhatsApp Plus because it has many features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t. This is the tenth version of WhatsApp which is currently available. All of the versions have some more features. Users like to download ANWhatsApp APK because it has features like auto-replies, messages that delete themselves, the ability to read deleted messages, and the ability to stop messages from being deleted.

Download ANWhatsApp APK Latest Version

AN WhatsApp

App Name AN WhatsApp
License Freeware
Latest Version v37
Android Required 5.0 or above
File Size 77 MB
Last Update 1 Day ago


5/5 (1 Review)

What Functions Does AN WhatsApp Provide?

The developer Amar produced the unofficial application AN WhatsApp. This features all of the capabilities of the native WhatsApp chat app and offers other capabilities that extend beyond text editing.

You may copy and download your friends’ statuses, send unsaved text messages, deactivate your last-seen notifications, and more. You may download the most recent version of AN WhatsApp APK and have access to several more functions.

The official WhatsApp does not include the ability to schedule messages. Send forward messages and lock WhatsApp chats to safeguard your existing conversations. AN WhatsApp Golden is the most recent version available for download.

Why Is AN WhatsApp Better Than The Official One?

There are several reasons why AN WhatsApp is better than the official WhatsApp application. Firstly, AN WhatsApp has more features than the official WhatsApp application. These include the ability to hide your online status and send messages to people who are not on your contact list.

Another benefit of AN WhatsApp is that it is less likely to be banned by countries that have banned WhatsApp. This is because AN WhatsApp uses a different server infrastructure than the official WhatsApp application.

 Finally, AN WhatsApp is generally more stable and reliable than the official WhatsApp application. This is because it is developed by a team of experienced developers who are constantly working on improving the application.

Features of AN WhatsApp

  • Unique group messaging.
  • A new theme can hide a floating button.
  • Cool main interface floating button improvements.
  • Hide blue ticks and send private messages.
  • With the latest features, hide double tick and record status.
  • Switch accounts for many conversation screen options.
  • Change WhatsApp call and home screen effects.
  • Get the same golden themes that are available in Golden WhatsApp.
  • Improved default themes (day and night).
  • Add cases using an Instagram-like interface.
  • Colorful Instagram status options appear.
  • A plus icon appears when WhatsApp’s internet block button is activated.
  • New widget styles for bottom bar models.
  • Move names gracefully and automatically when top bar names are too long.
  • When the Night Mode option is turned on, or the internet is turned off, the questions have a new and different look.
  • Hide online status and make backups.
  • Send scheduled messages with WhatsApp remnants.
  • Acetate with bubbles, lights, etc.
  • Program colors, chat screen, and attractive interface added.

What’s New in AN WhatsApp?

AN WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps available today. The app has been downloaded by millions of users and continues to grow in popularity. AN WhatsApp offers a variety of features that allow users to communicate with friends and family. The app also allows users to share photos and videos. AN WhatsApp is constantly adding new features and improving the user experience. The latest version of AN WhatsApp includes several new features, including:

  • Improvements in WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awadi.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Fixed Home screen call entry issues.
  • Fixes image display in groups with the correct media bubble.
  • Conversational translation enhancements.
  • WhatsApp mod fixes message display.
  • Fixes Arabic interface bottom bar issues.
  • Restores the group’s Internet shutdown button and Night mode.
  • Extend problems by one hour.
  • Advanced search is fixed for contacts.
  • Fixed main screen profile picture downloads.
  • Fixes video and audio sending size increase.

How to Download and Install AN WhatsApp APK

  1. Download AN ​​WhatsApp from the link given above.
  2. Go to your device’s settings, select the security option, and select “enable sources” to allow the device to install from sources other than the Play Store.
  3. After downloading, tap on the Install app and install it manually.
  4. Log in to AN ​​WhatsApp with the mobile phone number you want to use for your WhatsApp Online account.
  5. OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number entered through WhatsApp Inc.
  6. Enter the correct one-time password sent to the mobile phone number you entered.
  7. Now, proceed to use custom WhatsApp online however you want.


Is AN WhatsApp safe to use?

Even though using an alternative WhatsApp will not give you malware or ads, the original WhatsApp may block you. If this happens, you should use a different account than the one you used before.

Is it illegal to use AN WhatsApp?

Even though this isn’t a real app, you can still use it to your advantage. This package will keep your account from being banned by WhatsApp.

Why can’t I get WhatsApp from the Google Play store?

It can’t be used on the App Store because it has some advanced features that are against the rules of the Play Store. However, you can find links to download the app online, which are updated often.


Thank you, everyone, for checking out AN WhatsApp! Please register your number as instructed above. If you experience any problems, please drop an issue into the comment box below, and our staff will be more than happy to help!

5/5 (1 Review)

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