KBWhatsApp Download APK v28 Android Latest Version 2023

KBwhatsappthe endless options mods provide, many WhatsApp users prefer them over the official app. Many different WhatsApp modifications are in use, each with its advanced capabilities. KBWhatsApp is one of these methods.

It will help if you read the whole thing to learn about the best features of this WhatsApp add-on. This will allow you to install the modified version of KB WhatsApp on your Android device.


KBWhatsApp is a new variant of WhatsApp that expands the capabilities of the original messaging app. This is a variant of the popular messaging app WhatsApp Plus.

This WhatsApp tweak is available in four colour schemes: black, blue, red, and gold. Except for the colour of the app icon, there is no difference between these copies.

This WhatsApp tweak allows you to conceal your online status and remove blue ticks from your chat window. With the aid of contextual tools, you can play back voice memos.

WhatsApp also allows you to secretly listen in on other people’s conversations and view their status updates without them knowing.

Download KBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

App NameKBWhatsApp
Latest Versionv28.00
Android Required4.2 or above
File Size71 MB
Last Update1 Day ago

KBWhatsApp Features

Privacy Control: If you download KBWahtsApp, you can make better-informed decisions about your privacy. This enables you to view WhatsApp statuses incognito, watch videos countless times, and prevent messages and groups from being erased.

Customize Home Screen: The top bar, graphics, floating buttons, status UI of this KBWhatsApp Mod, and the home screen are all adjustable. This widely-used version of WhatsApp has no limits.

WhatsApp Lock: Protecting your WhatsApp with a fingerprint, pattern, secret code, or passcode is easy with WhatsApp Lock. You can even set up a backup question for extra peace of mind.

Switch accounts: The ability to move between accounts is a key feature of this KBWhatsApp modification. There are five available accounts, each with a unique phone number.

Change emoji: The emoji you use can be customized in several ways, including the typeface and the emoji themselves; you can select from five different emoji families. Emojis on the iPhone is the most well-liked.

Save one-time view in KB WhatsApp: Temporarily store data in kilobytes. WhatsApp lets you secretly preview media attachments without alerting the sender. Click the eye if you want the other person to know you’ve viewed the photo.

KBWhatsApp with Extra Functions

  • You may use WhatsApp’s Theme Store to give the app a new look.
  • You can change the chat window’s font size and background colour by clicking and dragging the bubbles in the top bar and on the right.
  • Modify where, how large, and what colour alerts appear.
  • Schedule your communications and add auto-replies.
  • Feel free to upload more than ten images at once.
  • Increase the shift’s length by an hour.

How to Download and Install KB WhatsApp?

Because getting games via the Google Play Store and third-party websites differ, those unfamiliar with downloading KBWhatsApp should study the following procedures.

First, fire up your preferred web browser and look for the most recent version of KBWhatsApp.

  1. Please be patient while the download finishes.
  2. Then, access your phone’s Security settings by going to Settings.
  3. In order to install the APK file, you must first turn on “Unknown Resources.”
  4. Navigate to the Downloads section of your file manager and choose the KB WhatsApp Downloads folder.
  5. When the WhatsApp installation process is finished, launch the app.
  6. You must enter a number to access your existing account or make a new one.
  7. Your phone number will then be issued a code.
  8. After entering this code, you will immediately be upgraded to the most recent version of KB WhatsApp.

Important: If you want to install a WhatsApp Plus version on your Android devices, such as KBWhatsApp Gold, Red, Blue, or Black, you must first uninstall the original WhatsApp app.


Please tell me where I can get the KBWhatsApp APK file.

Simply go to your device’s browser and type “KBWhatsApp” into the search bar. To get the most recent version of this mod, visit reputable websites and click the download button.

Where can I find instructions for updating KBWhatsApp?

Always go with the most recent version of KB WhatsApp. It is recommended that the previous version of KB WhatsApp be uninstalled before installing the most current version so that you can take advantage of all of the new features.


Whatsapp’s official KB version has some capabilities that no other messaging software has. It includes many cool, colourful features that can make WhatsApp more efficient to use. Downloading this KB version of WhatsApp is quick and painless.

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